Take control of your finances
Consolidate and simplify management of all your chapters. Our solution empowers all parts of your organization to more efficiently manage finances, providing transparency across all chapters for a clear view of overall financial health. See what your chapters are spending and easily review the “whole picture” in one place.
Our Features
House Corporations
We set you up for success by leveraging a suite of tools, like contract management specifically for housing contracts, to best fit the needs of housing corporations. This allows advisors and housing boards to focus more time on the most important things, like in-house member experience.
Contract Management
Save time by allowing your members to sign contracts electronically. And say goodbye to stacks of paper, as all contract data is available in your online reporting.
Customizable Solution
We understand that each organization has its own set of by-laws, values, and requirements. We work with you to create a service offering in line with your organization needs and budget.
Visibility & Transparency
Greekbill provides visibility and transparency into who has paid, what is still owed, and the overall health of your chapters.
Proven Results
With an average collection rate of 98.2%, greekbill clients save valuable time and money as a result of increased collections and an efficient billing solution.
Easy Setup
Greekbill is easy to implement into any Headquarters organization, and setup is fast! Our solution works with whichever database you choose to use, making the solution seamless. We offer intensive webinar training sessions, easy to follow training videos and manuals, and in-person training sessions during conventions and leadership forums.
Enhanced Services
Online access to all chapter financial reports, member information, and communications tools, allows the oversight of all chapters with the opportunity to be involved at the level you see as fit. Greekbill staff acts as an extension of your team by handling all training and providing administration for your advisors, chapter officers, members, and parents.
Plan ahead by creating and tracking chapter budgets with our budget builder and custom analytics.
Our Clients
Greekbill was founded on the vision of providing value-added financial management services to the Greek Community.
Why choose us
Multi-Channel Services
Multi-Channel Services

Our team is dedicated to your staff, volunteers, and members. We work with your organization to provide personalized education and multi-channel services that work for you.

Industry-Leading Technology
Industry-Leading Technology

Greekbill provides your group with industry-leading technology with a new, easy-to-navigate user interface. Our systems are data agnostic (work with any existing database) and can flex to meet your organization’s requirements.

24/7 Commitment
24/7 Commitment

Greekbill operates not only as a partner, but an extension of your organization. We provide 24/7 availability, so we are there when you need it most.