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Choose greekbill today and you can start using it tomorrow. There’s no waiting to implement your solution; single chapters don’t need approval from Headquarters to start. Setup is quick and easy.
greekbill features
Bill Members & Pay Dues
Make membership dues easy to manage. With greekbill, you can invoice members for their dues and members can pay online, by phone, or by mail.
Pay Chapter Expenses
Manage and pay all of your chapter expenses in one place. Send payments for housing, events, vendor expenses and more – all from within greekbill. Write checks to pay bills, or use the greekbill purchase card. You choose what works for your group.
Member Payment Options
Members have multiple options for making payments so they can do what works for them. Greekbill offers the option of credit/debit cards, ACH, traditional paper checks, or linked bank accounts. Linked bank accounts protect members from accidentally mis-keying information and accumulating bank return fees.
Accounting & 990 Forms
Greekbill makes financial reporting a breeze with customizable reports and 24/7 access to your account. Manage your checks and deposits from anywhere. We even offer a 990 Tax Wizard to guide you through that process.
Chapter Banking
Enjoy weekly direct deposits from greekbill into your local bank account. You can connect your chapter bank account to your greekbill account for automatic syncing. We also offer bank reconciliation for your accounts, so your transactions show in both your bank account and greekbill account for full visibility.
Purchase Card
Make chapter expenses easier with Purchase Cards; a safe and convenient tool for purchases and paying bills. Only authorized officers are able to spend funds that have been pre-loaded onto the card. Plus, you can track all transactions and view online reporting when cardholders make purchases.
Contract Management
Save time by allowing your members to sign contracts electronically. And say goodbye to stacks of paper, as all contract data is available in your online reporting.
Customer Service
Our team is here to support yours. We offer support teams for members and parents, as well as individual account representatives for chapters. Greekbill provides client headquarters support, and help is just a click away with 24/7 online resources.
Cutting-Edge User Experience
Find all you need on our easy-to-navigate user interface. With a complete redesign, greekbill is now better than ever. Access your information on the go.
Regain Tax Exempt Status
With the support of your greekbill chapter representative and a Certified Tax Accountant (Non-Profit), we'll help you prepare and submit all the information required for filing reinstatement forms.
Plan ahead by creating and tracking chapter budgets with our budget builder and custom analytics.
No Wait Time
Choose greekbill today and you can start using it tomorrow. There’s no waiting to implement your solution; get your financial solution in a matter of hours, not months. Single chapters don’t need approval from Headquarters to start. Setup is quick and easy.
Easy to Join
The greekbill solution is easy to implement into any chapter, making the transition seamless. All chapters are set up for success with access to offerings such as intensive webinar training sessions, easy to follow training videos and manuals, and in-person training sessions. The team is eager and ready to help you along the way to stronger finances.
Proven Results
With an average collection rate of 98.2%, greekbill clients save valuable time and money as a result of increased collections and an efficient billing solution.
New greekbill features
Text Message Alerts

Members and parents are now able to receive text message alerts for new invoices. They can opt into the text message alerts by logging into their account and clicking on the text message prompt on their home page. They can opt out by either replying STOP or by logging into their greekbill account, selecting settings, and unselecting SMS/Text as their preference in the Communication Method section.

Text Message Alerts
what our clients say
Delta Gamma New Vertical Logo
Delta Gamma
Ohio Wesleyan University

My Chapter Representative is always quick to respond to me and helps me with anything I need help on. She also does a great job explaining processes of how to do certain things on greekbill, which really helped me out!

Alpha Epsilon Phi
Alpha Epsilon Phi
University of Delaware

My Chapter Representative was extremely helpful. I often asked several questions a day and they would respond to me within the day always. The answers were thorough and clear.

Sigma Phi Epsilon
Sigma Phi Epsilon
Western Carolina University

Working with greekbill to get our chapter reinstated as a tax-exempt organization was a great experience. They listed all the information I needed, sent samples of forms, and were very fast and responsive. I would definitely recommend using them to any chapter.

Delta Gamma New Vertical Logo
Delta Gamma
Michigan State University

My Chapter Representative was great. Responded very quickly and was always helpful. They helped me solve all my issues!!

Tau Kappa Epsilon
Tau Kappa Epsilon
Indiana University Southeast

My Chapter Representative is always very pleasant to interact with. Regardless of the questions I may have, simple or complex, she is always quick to respond thoroughly which provides me with great insight about Greekbill.

Our Clients
Greekbill was founded on the vision of providing value-added financial management services to the Greek Community.
Why choose us
greekbill chapter solution
No Wait Time

Choose greekbill today and you can start using it tomorrow. There’s no waiting to implement your solution; single chapters don’t need approval from Headquarters to start. Setup is quick and easy.

Multi-Channel Services
Multi-Channel Services

Our team is dedicated to your staff, volunteers, and members. We work with your organization to provide personalized education and multi-channel services that work for you.

Industry-Leading Technology
Industry-Leading Technology

Greekbill provides your group with industry-leading technology with a new, easy-to-navigate user interface. Our systems are data agnostic (work with any existing database) and can flex to meet your organization’s requirements.

24/7 Commitment
24/7 Commitment

Greekbill operates not only as a partner, but an extension of your organization. We provide 24/7 availability, so we are there when you need it most.