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"GreekBill is a service my chapter finds priceless. They make it so much easier on the treasurer and the chapter as a whole in collecting dues. We have found the staff to be amazing as they always respond instantly whenever there is a question."

Jared Frank, Treasurer
Kappa Sigma

was founded on the vision of providing value added financial management services to the      Greek Community. We have led the industry in collection rate, customer service, satisfaction and the ability to      adapt and customize solutions to meet each client’s unique needs.

     We are constantly evaluating feedback we receive from our chapters and national organizations. Feedback      from national officers, advisors, chapter officers and members is key in maintaining a product that is cutting      edge and ahead of the rest. Throughout the years GreekBill has added additional services and tools in order      to improve our clients GreekBill experience.

     Our clients’ success in the financial arena has proven that GreekBill’s tools and management are a vital and      essential piece to all Greek organizations that plan on growing and moving forward as a top organization. To      ensure this success we will continue providing innovative technology, in-depth reporting and superb      customer service so that we not only service the market but define it.

     In 1995, the current President and CEO of      GreekBill was elected vice-president of his      fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha at the University      of Southern California. With no structured      billing and collection system in place, he      immediately recognized the many      headaches the executive board had to face      without the use of real-time financial and      membership data.

     GreekBill, a full service accounts      receivable management company,      works solely with the Greek Community.      Over the past ten years fraternities and      sororities across the nation have found the      services GreekBill provides to be      invaluable in running their chapter’s      operations.

     In 1999, the National Pi Kappa Alpha      Educational Foundation approached      GreekBill to handle the billing and member      management of their student loans.      GreekBill created a customized web-based      solution which now provides billing and      member management for the Pi Kappa      Alpha Educational Foundation’s student      loans.

     Since 2004, GreekBill has provided an      electronic payment processing solution for      members participating in recruitment at      most major universities across the nation.      This solution allows registrants to make      payments through a secure internet      connection and provides the University’s      Greek Life office with real-time access to      the aggregated data and reports they need      most. In this past year alone, GreekBill      billed, processed payments, and provided      real-time online reporting for over 12,000      new registrants, in one given month.

     From recruitment payment processing to      national implementations, GreekBill has      played an avid role in the Greek      Community.

     ICS is the leader in providing internet-based interactive recruiting system      management that integrates the University Greek System - Council,      Fraternities/Sororities, and PNMs. GreekBill is the exclusive provider of payment      processing for new registrants using the ICS online registration tool.

     GreekBill is the payment processing solution for Panhellenic and IFC recruitment      though Innova Campus Director.

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